New technologies in modeling


We introduce our latest range of products - Quickwheel X-pack.

     Sets QWX (shortcut for the series and also catalog name) is a combination of world-class wheels for scale models, with specially prepared for their painting Quickwheel masks.

    Our wheels are designed from scratch with the greatest compliance with the originals, so they can not only represent the accurate size and shape, but also a true representation of all internal and external detail, and even the most tiny details of markings on the tires!

    The basis for the realization of the models is the proper documentation in the form of measurements of objects, plans and photos –often made directly on the originals.

    In order to keep all the details on our model visible, as we want them to be, we use the most technologically advanced stereo-litography machines that currently exist in the world!

    In the last stage of production - which is the duplication of models, we have developed an innovative method, in which there is no regular "casting plug". With that method we are able to cast wheels with virtually no loss of tread pattern around the circumference of the wheel - which is not without significance for the models including spare wheels.

    In order to keep the true representation of the real wheels we do not avoid complicated separations of our models on the smaller details. In our latest project for Sd.Kfz. 7 we have divided the wheel into two parts - the tire along with the rim and center piece, which is also a lock which holds the whole wheel together – just like in the real vehicle.


The next stage of implementation of new technologies in modeling