New technology for modellers


    Painting rubber tires on the model tanks was always a torture to me. These tires had to be painted precisely, and this process had to be repeated several times. Moreover, a mistake could be made on every single wheel. I was told that “any errors could be covered with a model mud”, but this theory was not the mine. Yes, the model could be finished with dirt, but this should be MY decision where to place the model mud. The problem was solved by several aftermarket manufacturers with photoetched metal frames designed for particular model kits (ABER), with tools common to different model kits (ROYAL MODEL), or with plotter-cut self-adhesive mask (EDUARD). I found however most of these methods too much time-consuming, or even impossible to proceed successfully, so I got an idea to make a mask which would have all advantages of these methods, but also enables positioning and fitting the painted wheel in the desired place. In the effect the QUICKWHEEL (Trade Mark) mask was designed with the help of several specialists utilizing the cutting edge technologies. The QUICKWHEEL mask enables to paint many model wheels within a time limit of several minutes!!! The photos of painting the Dragon Pz III wheels are available (above). All that session took less than 10 minutes. The QUICKWHEEL masks are already available from (LINK).


Painting rubber tires of armoured vehicles